PHPExcelFormatter is class to make it more simple to get data from Excel documents.

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PHPExcelFormatter is class to make getting data from Excel documents simpler.

  • Read columns what you really need
  • Set column names for documents what dosen't have column names on first row
  • Set your DB field names for columns
  • Retrieve data in array or MySQL query format
  • Greate for importing files and then letting user to connect document columns with your DB fields :) (example coming)


composer require renekorss/phpexcelformatter


// Require needed files
require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use RKD\PHPExcelFormatter\PHPExcelFormatter;
use RKD\PHPExcelFormatter\Exception\PHPExcelFormatterException;

try {
  // Load file
  $formatter = new PHPExcelFormatter('example1.xls');

  // Output columns array (document must have column names on first row)
  $formatterColumns = array(
    'username' => 'username',
    'phone'    => 'phone_no',
    'email'    => 'email_address'

  // Output columns array (document dosen't have column names on first row)
  // Skip fourth column (age) (third in array), because we don't need that data
  // NOTE: if document dosen't have column names on first line, second parameter for PHPExcelFormatter should be $readColumns = false, otherwise it will skip first line of data
  $formatterColumns = array(
    4 => 'sex'

  // Set our columns

  // Output as array
  $output = $formatter->output('a');
  // OR
  // $output = $formatter->output('array');

  // Print array
  echo '<pre>'.print_r($output, true).'</pre>';

  // Set MySQL table

  // Output as mysql query
  $output = $formatter->output('m');
  // OR
  // $output = $formatter->output('mysql');

  // Print mysql query
  echo '<pre>'.print_r($output, true).'</pre>';

} catch (PHPExcelFormatterException $e) {
  echo 'Error: '.$e->getMessage();

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PHPExcelFormatter is licensed under MIT