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deployment pipeline (currently only for aws)

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What is DePipe?

A cli tool that allows you to build, test and deploy an application server (and an experimental project to familiarise my self with aws-php-sdk v2+).

Well thats the goal ...

Basic Usage Examples:

Build Executable (depipe.phar)

[prompt]$ ./

Run Commands

# shows options
[prompt]$ ./depipe.phar

# run deployment pipeline
[prompt]$ ./depipe.phar pipeline --config depipe-config.yml --log depipe.log

Example configuration (YAML)

# depipe-config.yml
        class: App\Platform\Aws\Client
        key: {{env AWS_KEY}}
        secret: {{env AWS_SECRET}}
        region: us-east-1
        sleep.interval: 20 # how long to wait before retrying *something* e.g instances to be ready

    image: ami-XXXXX
    instance.config: # for options see
        InstanceType: m3.large
        UserData: [...] # prefixes "#cloud-config\n" and base64 encodes
        NetworkInterfaces: #if you launching into a VPC
                DeviceIndex: 0
                Groups: [sg-XXXXX]
                SubnetId: subnet-XXXXX
                DeleteOnTermination: true
                AssociatePublicIpAddress: true
    instance.access: # will delete and recreate a key to be used
        class: App\Platform\Aws\InstanceAccess
        user: root
        connect.attempts: 10
        connect.sleep: 20

pipeline: # runs each step (pipe) sequentially
    build base web app image:{{time Ym}}
            - yum clean all
            - yum update -y
            - yum install httpd php -y
            - echo '{{file resource/}}' > /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
            - echo 'Base Web App Instance Configured'

    build release candidate image:{{time YmdH}}
        instance.access: # from here on we launch instances with our own private key
            class: App\Util\InstanceAccess\SSHAccess
            user: root
            key: '{{file resource/key.pem}}'
            connect.attempts: 10
            connect.sleep: 20
            - echo '{{file resource/app-vhost.conf}}' > /etc/httpd/conf.d/app.conf
            - git clone /app
            - echo 'Candidate Web App Installed'

    launch test instance:
            - yum install php-xdebug mysql-server php-mysqli php-imagick php-gd -y
            - service mysqld start
            - service memcached start
            - service elasticsearch start
            - echo 'CREATE DATABASE app_db;' | mysql -u root
            - cd /app && composer update --prefer-dist # should install dev deps
            - cd /app && php -d memory_limit=512M vendor/bin/phpunit --coverage-text
            - echo 'Finished Testing Application'

    launch production ready instance(s):
        instance.count: 2
            - echo '{{file resource/app-production-config.json}}' > /app/config/production.json
            - service elasticsearch restart
            - service iptables restart
            - service httpd restart
            - cat /dev/null > /root/.ssh/authorized_keys # no more access to this instance! #youDecide
            - echo 'Configured Production Web App'

    connect instances to loadbalancer:
        scripts: ~ # without this it will run the previous value for 'scripts' #bug
        load.balancer: web-elb


  • PHP 5.4
  • composer (preferably latest)
  • box (for building a phar)

CLI Structure

So ... still playing about with this idea ... but ... the project can be broken down to the following class types:

  • Command (Task Master): Symfony based Command class, that relies on classes of type Task to do the work
  • Task: The actual classes that do the work ... work here must be super concise and minimal. Working with AWS can be a pain and testing it all works is a pain!

Note: Everything is reasonably Psr\Log aware, makes it easier to know when something has gone wrong!


Currently uses box-project to convert source into a single file executable (PHAR).

Given you have box and composer installed on your machine, you should be able to run ./ which will compile (really zip up!) a phar ready for use :)


Check out the repo and from the top level directory run the following command:

$ composer update && vendor/bin/phpunit

NOTE: You need composer installed on your machine

Help Needed

  • Shell script to build the cli tool into a phar and optionally install it somewhere in a PATH
  • Better arch idea around managing various cloud providers e.g rackspace (currently targeting aws)
  • Better arch idea around testing + deploying to a shared host (not everyone needs to launch an instance per app release! #possiblyOutsideOfScope)

Road Map to v0.1.0 (prototype-release)

Cloud Platform Interfaces

  • App\Platform\ClientInterface
  • App\Platform\ImageInterface
  • App\Platform\InstanceInterface
  • App\Platform\LoadBalancerInterface

Aws Platform Concrete Classes

  • App\Platform\Aws\Client
  • App\Platform\Aws\Image
  • App\Platform\Aws\Instance
  • App\Platform\Aws\LoadBalancer


  • tag v0.1.0

Road Map to v0.2.0 (useful-release)

  • Review goals below (make it more feasible)

Configuration (depipe.yml.dist)

  • pipes need to clean up after themselves
    • Review current pipe configuration (but retain simplicity)
  • Review configuration options (instance.access needs to be mutable and not crash)
  • pipes that create/modify (not including search or destructive pipes) should be able to reverse/undo what they have done?
  • file upload component ... remove string regex madness!
  • pipelines: multi pipe line configuration (run one or all at the same damn time #Future)
  • Run pipelines in isolated processes (however they all start from the root config)
  • Allow special @wait param in pipe config (wait for an event in a parallel pipeline - #maybeToAmbitious)
  • Documentation of usage (better examples)
  • Replace references to internal classes within depipe to shorthand key names / enum
  • get rid of "symfony/http-foundation" dep
  • update all deps to latest (if beneficial)


  • kill - terminate instances
  • delete - delete an image
  • find:instances - find instances
  • find:image - find instances (half done ... but needs a rethink)


  • tag v0.2.0

Road Map to v0.3.0 (security-release)

  • Hmmm ...

Road Map to v0.4.0 (vendor-independant-release)

  • Review vendor specific classes, normalize and simplify
  • Create another vender set of classes (rackspace? digital ocean?)
  • Documentation of classes