This repository works making a parser in some string replacing the accented characters

2.0.2 2016-02-13 23:25 UTC

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This library works by replacing all accented characters to not accented characters.

To use

Add in your composer.json

"require" : {
    "reisraff/accentuation" : ">=2.0.2"

Using in your code


namespace MyNameSpace;

use Accentuation\Accentuation;

class MyClass
    public function test()
        return Accentuation::remove('This string will be returned without accentuation áéíóú');


To run the test suite, you need install the dependencies via composer, then run PHPUnit.

$ composer install
$ phpunit

You can also use the following command to run the most common QA checks, such as php -l, phpcs, phpunit:

$ ant check