This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the fof/nightmode package instead.

Add a Night Mode option for your users to use on your Flarum forum

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A Flarum extension. Add a Night Mode 🌙 for your users to use on your Flarum forum! (THE LIGHT 🌞, IT BUUUURNSSS!!!)

  • A new "Night Mode" menu option will appear in your user options when you click on your avatar next to the notifications icon. Night Mode Option
  • A "Day Mode" option has been added as well to make the light appear again! (BEGONE, DANKESS!) Day Mode Option


Install manually with composer:

composer require fof/nightmode:"*"


composer update fof/nightmode

Integrating with fof/nightmode from another extension

Each time the mode is switched from day to night (and vice versa), a fofnightmodechange event is dispatched. An extension can then listen to this event to react to this change, like so:

if (flarum.extensions['fof-nightmode']) {
  document.addEventListener('fofnightmodechange', (event) => {
    if (event.detail == 'day') {
      console.log('day mode');
    } else {
      console.log('night mode');



An extension by FriendsOfFlarum.