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This Symfony bundle provides configuration to validate and convert data for API routes.

First question, why?

Because I needed a bundle with configurable url prefix to use as API routes. For default in Symfony, only requests with content type multipart/form-data and application/x-www-form-urlencoded will have Request class with parameters data easily accessible by get() method, as example below.

class MyController
    public function handleForm(Request $request): Response
        $myName = $request->get('myName'); // return Joubert RedRat

    public function handleApi(Request $request): Response
        $myName = $request->get('myName'); // return null

With this bundle will be possible to configure which routes will work as API routes and any request with content type application/json will have Request class with parameters data easily accessible too.

Okay, how to install then?

Easy my friend, install with the composer.

composer require redrat/api-helper-bundle

Configure the bundle (if necessary)

If your composer don't like Symfony recipes contrib, don't worry, you can configure too.

  • Open config/bundles.php and add the bundle like below.
return [
    Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\FrameworkBundle::class => ['all' => true],
    RedRat\ApiHelperBundle\ApiHelperBundle::class => ['all' => true],
  • Create config/packages/redrat_api_helper.yaml and set initial config like below.

How to bundle works?

This bundle works with a configuration defined in config/packages/redrat_api_helper.yaml. Into this file you will config which url path prefix will work as API url, like example below:

            url_path_prefix: /api/v1
            url_path_prefix: /api/v3
            url_path_prefix: /legacy/api

You can configure one or more url path prefixes as you need.

After this, all url path that matches with a configuration will be acted by the bundle and will be validated and data putted into request class.

Look that only routes that matches will be acted by the bundle, like example below using configuration above.

GET /api/v1/accounts/users => matches
POST /api/login => doesn't matches
DELETE /api/v2/emails => doesn't matches
PUT /api/v1/accounts/users/46 => matches
PATCH /api/v1/accounts/users => matches
GET /about-us => doesn't matches
GET /legacy/api/v1/cities => matches


This bundle performs 2 validations in a route matched with configuration.


Route matched should have application/json as Content-Type with methods POST, PUT and PATCH. If not pass by this validation, bundle will return error below. Methods GET and DELETE normally don't contain body data, then these methods isn't validated.

< HTTP/2 400

  "error": "Invalid Content-Type, expected application\/json, got application\/x-www-form-urlencoded"
Valid json data

Route matched should have valid RFC7159 json data in body. If not pass by this validation, bundle will return error below.

< HTTP/2 400

  "error": "Invalid json body data"


Me and the contributors.


The cute and amazing MIT.