Light WordPress profiler.

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Laps screenshot

Laps is light WordPress profiler (in a plugin), which aims to be:

  • always on and zero click (just hover on toolbar entry) away
  • quick indicator of what hogs page in general or right now

It is no match or replacement for real profiler, but is friendly and cute.

Out of the box Laps supports common stage of WordPress page life cycle:

  • plugins load
  • themes load
  • core init
  • main loop

And some of third party hooks conventions for themes using:

There are also additional optional timelines, displaying:


Download plugin archive from releases section.

Or install in plugin directory via Composer:

composer create-project rarst/laps --no-dev

License Info

Laps own code is licensed under MIT and it makes use of code from:

  • Composer Installers (MIT)
  • Symfony Stopwatch (MIT)
  • Mustache.php (MIT)
  • Twitter Bootstrap (MIT)