Light WordPress profiler.

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Laps — light WordPress profiler

Make a site, make it fast.

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Laps is a plugin that shows performance information about WordPress page load.

It provides a visual summary in toolbar that is quick and easy to inspect.

Page profiling

Laps automatically tracks many events, such as:

API profiling

For Ajax and REST API — Laps outputs performance information by Server Timing API, for use with clients such as Chrome Dev Tools.

Laps v3 dev tools screenshot

API authentication

API requests need to be authenticated as admin for performance data to be sent. For Ajax requests cookies are sufficient. REST API requests also need nonce passed.

laps_can_see check can be filtered to relax required permissions on the plugin’s side.


Composer (recommended) Release archive
composer require rarst/laps Download Laps


Tests require Brain Monkey (included in dependencies) and PHPUnit 8 (not included).