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Hatchet Migrations

Provides a wrapper around the Phinx Database Migrations package that integrates with Hatchet & Lumberjack.


composer require rareloop/hatchet-migrations

Once installed, register the Service Provider in config/app.php:

'providers' => [



Copy the example config/migrations.php file to you theme directory (optional).

Make sure you create the needed folders for your migrations and seeds. If you don't change the default config then these will be:

  • {theme}/database/migrations
  • {theme}/database/seeds


This package makes the following commands are available to you:

Hatchet Command Description Related Phinx Documentation
make:migration Create a new migration file phinx create
migrate Run migration(s) phinx migrate
migrate:rollback Rollback migration(s) phinx rollback
migrate:status Output the current status on which migrations have been run phinx status
make:seeder Create a Database Seeder phinx seed:create
db:seed Run seed(s) phinx seed:run

For usage information on each command either consult the associated Phinx documentation or use the hatchet CLI:

php hatchet help {command}