This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the ramsey/php-library-starter-kit package instead.

A starter kit for quickly setting up a new PHP library package.

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A starter kit for quickly setting up a new PHP library package.

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ramsey/php-library-starter-kit is a package that may be used to generate a basic PHP library project directory structure, complete with many of the starting files (i.e. README, LICENSE, GitHub issue templates, PHPUnit configuration, etc.) that are commonly found in PHP libraries. You may use the project directory that's created as a starting point for creating your own PHP libraries.

This project adheres to a code of conduct. By participating in this project and its community, you are expected to uphold this code.


composer create-project ramsey/php-library-starter-kit YOUR-PROJECT-NAME

Running this command will create a new repository containing the same files and structure as this repository. Afterward, it will run the Ramsey\Dev\LibraryStarterKit\Wizard::start() method to set up the project, which will walk you through a series of questions and make changes to files based on your answers. When complete, it will remove the ./src/LibraryStarterKit and ./tests/LibraryStarterKit directories, leaving everything else in place with an initial commit.

Using An Existing Answers File

When executing create-project, if you exit the program while in the middle of the question prompts, you might notice it creates a .starter-kit-answers file in the project directory. When you return later and run composer starter-kit, it will use this file to pre-fill any questions you've already answered. Once finished, the starter kit removes this file.

You may also use an existing answers file to provide all your answers to the prompts, including skipping the question prompts. To do this, set an environment variable with the path to your answers file:


To skip the question prompts, make sure you include the skipPrompts property in the answers file, and set it to true.

The answers file is a JSON object, consisting of all the public properties found in Ramsey\Dev\LibraryStarterKit\Answers.

For example:

    "authorEmail": "author@example.com",
    "authorHoldsCopyright": true,
    "authorName": "Author Smith",
    "authorUrl": "https://example.com/",
    "codeOfConduct": "Contributor-2.0",
    "codeOfConductCommittee": null,
    "codeOfConductEmail": "conduct@example.com",
    "codeOfConductPoliciesUrl": null,
    "codeOfConductReportingUrl": null,
    "copyrightEmail": "author@example.com",
    "copyrightHolder": "Acme, Inc.",
    "copyrightUrl": "https://example.com/acme",
    "copyrightYear": "2021",
    "githubUsername": "example",
    "license": "MIT",
    "packageDescription": "An awesome library that does stuff.",
    "packageKeywords": [
    "packageName": "acme/awesome",
    "packageNamespace": "Acme\\Awesome",
    "projectName": "My Awesome Library",
    "securityPolicy": true,
    "securityPolicyContactEmail": "security@example.com",
    "securityPolicyContactFormUrl": null,
    "skipPrompts": true,
    "vendorName": "acme"


Contributions are welcome! To contribute, please familiarize yourself with CONTRIBUTING.md.

Coordinated Disclosure

Keeping user information safe and secure is a top priority, and we welcome the contribution of external security researchers. If you believe you've found a security issue in software that is maintained in this repository, please read SECURITY.md for instructions on submitting a vulnerability report.


Why did you include package/tool x and not y?

I created this project starter kit for my own uses, and these are the common files, packages, and tools I use in my PHP libraries. If you like what you see, feel free to use it. If you like some of it but not all, fork it and customize it to fit your needs. I hope you find it helpful!

Copyright and License

ramsey/php-library-starter-kit is copyright © Ben Ramsey and licensed for use under the terms of the MIT License (MIT). Please see LICENSE for more information.