This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Silex Ldap authentication service provider.

v1.3.0 2016-09-29 23:06 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-12-27 13:18:41 UTC


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This service provider provides Ldap based authentication and authorization.

Basic Usage

  • Form based authentication
  • roles are mapped based on the user being in the specified LDAP group(s).
  • The LDAP sn attribute is mapped to the userName property of the user object created
    // register service with name LDAP-FORM
    $app->register(new LdapAuthenticationServiceProvider('LDAP-FORM'), array(
        'security.ldap.LDAP-FORM.options' => array(
            'auth' => array(
                'entryPoint' => 'form',
            'ldap' => array(
                'host' => 'localhost',
                'username' => 'username-for-initial-bind',
                'password' => 'xxx',

    // configure firewalls
    $app->register(new SecurityServiceProvider(), array(
        'security.firewalls' => array(
            'login' => array(
                'pattern' => '^/login$',
            'default' => array(
                'pattern' => '^.*$',
                'anonymous' => true,
                'LDAP-FORM' => array(
                    // form options
                    'check_path' => '/login_check_ldap',
                    'require_previous_session' => false,
                'users' => function () use ($app) {
                    // use the pre-configured Ldap user provider
                    return $app['security.ldap.LDAP-FORM.user_provider'](array(
                        // configure LDAP attribute to use for auth bind call (dn is the default)
                        'authName' => 'dn',
                        'attr' => array(
                            // LDAP attribute => user property
                            // these require setter support in the user class
                            'sn' => 'lastName',
                        'roles' => array(
                            'CN=Development,OU=Groups,DC=radebatz,DC=net'   => 'ROLE_USER',
                            'CN=Admins,OU=Groups,DC=radebatz,DC=net'        => 'ROLE_ADMIN',
                        'baseDn' => 'DC=radebatz,DC=net',


The recommended way to install ldap-auth-service-provider is through composer.

Install the latest version with:

$ composer require radebatz/ldap-auth-service-provider

Configuring Ldap

The Ldap related code depends on zend-ldap, so all configuration options are just passed through. For more details check the zend-ldap docs.

The default username value used to autheticate (bind) a user is the LDAP dn attribute (there is a default mapping 'dn' => 'authName'). To change this or allow an alternative fallback attribute, the following attribute mapping could have been used in the example above:

    'attr' => array(
        // LDAP attribute => user property
        'sn' => 'lastName',

NOTE: The property 'authName' of the loaded user object is used for the bind when validating the user credentials (password). As a default the LDAP 'dn' attribute is mapped to the authName property of the user.

In addition the provider allows to configure a list of hosts to try. If none in the list can't be connected, the regularly configured host is used as last resort.


      - ldap1
      - ldap2
    host: localhost

In this case the code will try to connect in the order: ldap1, ldap2, localhost.

Custom user class

The LdapUserProvider class allows to configure a custom User class to be used. Only restriction is that the custom class has a constructor that is compatible with the default class Symfony\\Component\\Security\\Core\\User\\User.


  • Silex 2.0
  • PHP 5.5


All code is licensed under the MIT license.


Issues that break backwards compatibility are flagged [BC].


  • Initial release


  • Move options into security.ldap.[serviceName] namespace
  • Add preconfigured user provider


  • Add Silex 1.3 support
  • bug fixes


  • Add hosts option to allow a list of fallback servers


  • Fix LdapException handling
  • Add Psr\Log dependency
  • [BC] Make the logger an optional second constructor argument instead of taking it from $app


  • Use users DN as name when trying to bind user [#15]
    • add new authName mapping to allow to control what LDAP attribute to use to bind when authentication (defaults to DN)
    • Fix merging of LdapUserProvider defaults
    • Check for values array when mapping LDAP data to user instance
    • [BC] Custom user classes must either support magic get/set methods or at least implement getAuthName(), setAuthName($authName)