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This Flow package provides a programmable interface to the Zoom API.

Implemented Endpoints

The following Endpoints are currently implemented, see the Admin API documentation for details:

  • Meeting
  • Webinar
  • Registrant



The installation is done with composer:

composer require punktde/flow-zoom-api


  • Create a set of JWT API-credentials
  • Configure the required settings:
    • clientId
    • clientSecret
    • baseUri
    • zoomAccountIdentifier (your account's email-address)

Usage Examples

Find a single meeting by its identifier and host (user)

You need to provide an identifier for the host (user) of the meeting, since the api endpoint has no way of listing all meetings in an account

* @Flow\Inject
* @var PunktDe\Zoom\Api\Resource\MeetingResource
  protected $meetings;

    * @param string $identifier
    * @param string $userIdentifier
    * @return PunktDe\Zoom\Api\Dto\Meeting
    private function findOneMeetingByIdentifier(string $identifier, string $userIdentifier): PunktDe\Zoom\Api\Dto\Product {
     return $this->meetings->get($identifier, $userIdentifier);

Add a registrant to an existing meeting

* @Flow\Inject
* @var PunktDe\Zoom\Api\Resource\MeetingRegistrantResource
  protected $meetingRegistrants;

   * @return Registrant|null
  private function addRegistrantToExistingMeeting(string $meetingIdentifier): ?PunktDe\Zoom\Api\Dto\Registrant
      $registrant = (new Registrant())
          ->setLastName('The Bear');
      return $this->meetingRegistrants->add($registrant, $meetingIdentifier);