Upload your git repo to AWS S3

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Upload your git repo to AWS S3

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A global installation of Composer is needed. git-s3 is installed globally.

$ composer global require pulkitjalan/git-s3:dev-master


After the installation run git-s3 init to initialize the config files. All config files will be created in ~/.git-s3. Once initialized you can run git-s3 edit to manually edit them.

There is also an optional --env optional parameter that can be used to initialize and upload to separate environments. Example:

$ git-s3 init --env development

Once ready you can push an application to s3. Make sure the command is run from a valid git repository. Example:

$ git-s3 push

If you want to push it as a zip archive then you can use the --zip parameter (useful for AWS CodeDeploy). Example:

$ git-s3 push --zip


This package was inspired schickling/git-s3.