This is the official PubNub PHP SDK repository.

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This is the official PubNub PHP SDK repository.

PubNub takes care of the infrastructure and APIs needed for the realtime communication layer of your application. Work on your app's logic and let PubNub handle sending and receiving data across the world in less than 100ms.

The SDK supports PHP 7.4 and 8.x.

Get keys

You will need the publish and subscribe keys to authenticate your app. Get your keys from the Admin Portal.

Configure PubNub

  1. Integrate the PHP SDK into your project:

    • Without composer

      1. Clone the following repository: git clone ./pubnub-php

      2. Copy the src folder to your project.

      3. Include autoloader.php file in your project:

      4. Download dependency monolog from and copy the monolog folder from the src folder to the src folder of your project.

      5. Download dependency psr/Log from and copy the psr folder to the src folder of your project.

      6. Download dependency rmccue from and copy the Requests folder and the file Requests.php from the library folder to the src folder of your project.

    • With composer

      1. Add the PubNub package to your composer.json file:

            "require": {
                <!-- include the latest version from the badge at the top -->
                "pubnub/pubnub": "7.0.1"
      2. Run composer install --no-dev‌ from the command line. This installs the PubNub PHP SDK and all its dependencies in the vendor folder of the project.

      3. Include autoload.php file in your project:

  2. Configure your keys:

    $pnconf = new PNConfiguration();
    $pubnub = new PubNub($pnconf);

Add event listeners

class MySubscribeCallback extends SubscribeCallback {
    function status($pubnub, $status) {
        if ($status->getCategory() === PNStatusCategory::PNUnexpectedDisconnectCategory) {
        // This event happens when radio / connectivity is lost
        } else if ($status->getCategory() === PNStatusCategory::PNConnectedCategory){
        // Connect event. You can do stuff like publish, and know you'll get it // Or just use the connected event to confirm you are subscribed for // UI / internal notifications, etc
        } else if ($status->getCategory() === PNStatusCategory::PNDecryptionErrorCategory){
        // Handle message decryption error. Probably client configured to // encrypt messages and on live data feed it received plain text.
    function message($pubnub, $message){
    // Handle new message stored in message.message
    function presence($pubnub, $presence){
    // handle incoming presence data

$subscribeCallback = new MySubscribeCallback();



    ->message("Hello PubNub!")



If you need help or have a general question, contact