reCAPTCHA v3 bundle for Symfony

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Recaptcha v3 bundle for Symfony

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composer require prugala/recaptcha-bundle

Register bundle in AppKernel.php file:

new PR\Bundle\RecaptchaBundle\PRRecaptchaBundle()


    public_key: 'public key'
    secret_key: 'secret key'
    enabled: false # optional / default value: true - you can disable it for local or test env
    score_threshhold: 'score' # optional / default value: 0.5
    hide_badge: true # optional / default value: false *
    host: '' # optional / default value: **

* When you hide badge inform visitors that reCAPTCHA is implemented on website:

** If you plan to use reCAPTCHA globally please use host More informations:

How to use

Add field with type RecaptchaType to your form, example:

->add('captcha', RecaptchaType::class)

Options available:

->add('captcha', RecaptchaType::class, [
    'script_nonce_csp' => $nonce,
    'action_name' => 'contact_form'
  • script_nonce_csp: Nonce for Content-Security-Policy header
  • action_name: Form specific action name


  1. Support for version v2
  2. Waiting for suggestions :)