This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the flux-se\sylius-payum-monetico-plugin package instead.

Payum Monetico gateway plugin for Sylius

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Sylius Payum Monetico gateway plugin

This plugin is designed to add a new gateway to Payum to support Monetico over Sylius plugin

See for more information.


Install using Composer :

$ composer require flux-se/sylius-payum-monetico-plugin

Enable this plugin :


# config/bundles.php

return [
    // ...
    FluxSE\SyliusPayumMoneticoPlugin\FluxSESyliusPayumMoneticoPlugin::class => ['all' => true],
    // ...

Enable the required route for Monetico notify :

# config/routes/flux_se_sylius_payum_monetico.yaml

  resource: "@FluxSESyliusPayumMoneticoPlugin/Resources/config/routing/notify.yaml"


Monetico notify URL

Using the Monetico merchant portal :

Click on the "Paramétrage" menu item, and finally on the sub menu item named "GESTION CODES SITES", you will be able to email Monetico to add a "notify URL" ("URL du CGI2") corresponding to the Symfony route named flux_se_sylius_payum_monetico_notify example :


Monetico credentials

Get your TPE number, your KEY and your COMPANY(labeled "Code Site") name on your Monetico merchant portal :

  1. TPE number : can be chosen into the select menu in the right sidebar of your Monetico merchant portal
  2. KEY : Click on the "Paramétrage" menu item, and finally on the sub menu item named "CLÉ DE SÉCURITÉ". You will be able to email the owner of the account to get your KEY.
  3. COMPANY : Click on the "Paramétrage" menu item, and finally on the sub menu item named "GESTION CODES SITES". The COMPANY is labelled "Code Site".

Sylius configuration

Go to the admin area, log in, then click on the left menu item "CONFIGURATION > Payment methods". Create a new payment method type "Monetico" :

Create a new payment method

Then a form will be displayed, fill-in the required fields :

  1. the "code" field (ex: "monetico").

  2. choose which channels this payment method will be affected to.

  3. the gateway configuration (need info from here) :

    Gateway Configuration

    NOTE1: the screenshot contains false test credentials.

  4. give to this payment method a display name (and a description) for each language you need

Finally, click on the "Create" button to save your new payment method.