Adds a modern timeline visualization as Semantic MediaWiki result format

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The Modern Timeline extension provides a modern timeline visualization for Semantic MediaWiki as a result format.

It was created by Professional.Wiki and funded by KDZ - Centre for Public Administration Research.

Platform requirements

  • PHP 7.1 or later
  • MediaWiki 1.31.x up to 1.34.x
  • Semantic MediaWiki 3.0 or later

See the release notes for more information on the different versions of Modern Timeline.


The recommended way to install Modern Timeline is using Composer with MediaWiki's built-in support for Composer.

Note that the required extension Semantic MediaWiki must be installed first according to the installation instructions provided.

Step 1

Change to the base directory of your MediaWiki installation. If you do not have a "composer.local.json" file yet, create one and add the following content to it:

	"require": {
		"professional-wiki/modern-timeline": "~1.0"

If you already have a "composer.local.json" file add the following line to the end of the "require" section in your file:

"professional-wiki/modern-timeline": "~1.0"

Remember to add a comma to the end of the preceding line in this section.

Step 2

Run the following command in your shell:

php composer.phar update --no-dev

Note if you have Git installed on your system add the --prefer-source flag to the above command.

Step 3

Add the following line to the end of your "LocalSettings.php" file:

wfLoadExtension( 'ModernTimeline' );


See also live demos at the following website: Professional.Wiki Starter demo wiki - Category:Modern Timeline examples.

The first date printout is used as date for the timeline events:

 [[Modification date::+]]
 |?Modification date

If a second date printout is present it is used as end date and the event is displayed as a range:

 [[Start date::+]]
 |?Start date
 |?End date

Display and behaviour of the timeline can be changed via several output parameters:

 [[Modification date::+]]
 |?Modification date
 |start at end=on


A full list of supported output parameters can be obtained in wiki via the smwdoc parser function:

{{#smwdoc: moderntimeline }}


The default value of all parameters can be changed by placing configuration in LocalSettings.php. These configuration settings are available:

  • $wgModernTimelineWidth
  • $wgModernTimelineHeight
  • $wgModernTimelineBookmark
  • $wgModernTimelineBackground
  • $wgModernTimelineScaleFactor
  • $wgModernTimelinePosition
  • $wgModernTimelineTickWidth
  • $wgModernTimelineStartSlide
  • $wgModernTimelineStartAtEnd
  • $wgModernTimelineTransitionDuration
  • $wgModernTimelineNavHeight
  • $wgModernTimelineTemplate

Default values of these configuration settings can be found in extension.json. Do not change extension.json.

Example of changing one of the configuration settings:

$wgModernTimelineHeight = '500px';


  • The template parameter is not supported on "Special:Ask"
  • The timeline style does not automatically match that of the wiki
  • The timeline language does not automatically match that of the wiki

Professional MediaWiki development is available via Professional Wiki.

Contribution and support

If you want to contribute work to the project please subscribe to the developers mailing list and have a look at the contribution guideline.

Professional MediaWiki support is available via Professional Wiki.


GNU General Public License v2.0 or later (GPL-2.0-or-later).

Release notes

Version 1.2.0

  • Added thumb parameter (with thumbnail alias)
  • Added wgModernTimelineThumbnail configuration parameter

Version 1.1.0

Released on August 28, 2019.

Version 1.0.0

Released on August 16, 2019.

Initial release with a TimelineJS3 based result format featuring 12 customization parameters, template support and date range support.