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PrestaCMS Theme Basic bundle : Basic themes for PrestaCMS

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PrestaCMSThemeBundle adds ready to use themes into your PrestaCMS. projects.

It is made to help people starting with PrestaCMS without spending time on design and integration.

It can be a good working example for people who wants to build their own theme.


📖 Documentation is available on

Online Demonstration

Sandbox is also deployed for a live demonstration :

If you want to have some informations about the projet progession you can register to our 💬 google group

Issue tracker

📋 Issues are managed in prestaconcept/open-source-management to centralize our open source activity.

Ask for help

💬 If you need help about this project you can post a message on our google group


Pull requests are welcome.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed already.

This project is supported by PrestaConcept

Lead Developer : @nicolas-bastien

Released under the MIT License