A Continuous Integration Service & Dashboard Package

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A Self-Hosted Continuous Integration Service and a Dashboard.

Compatible with Laravel 4 & 5 (currently in alpha)

Dashboard View

The Dashboard, built using Facebook's React Javascript Library, displays and gives you control of your projects and project tests. This is what you'll see and will be able to do with it:

  • Project List: click a project link to see all its tests.
  • Checkboxes to enable/disable a test. Once disabled if the watcher catches a change in resources, that test will not fire.
  • "Run" button, to manually fire a test.
  • Test 'last run' time.
  • Current Test "State": tests states are "running", "queued", "ok" and "failed".
  • "Show" button, to display the error log of failed tests.




Error Log




Command Line Interface

The Artisan commands Watcher and Tester are responsible for watching resources and firing tests, respectively:


Keep track of your files and enqueue your tests every time a project or test file is changed. If a project file changes, it will enqueue all your tests, if a test file changes, it will enqueue only that particular test. This is how you run it:

php artisan ci:watch


Responsible for taking tests from the run queue, execute it and log the results. Tester will only execute enabled tests. This is how you run it:

php artisan ci:test

Test Framework Compatibility

This package was tested and is known to be compatible with


Require it with Composer:

$ composer require pragmarx/ci

Add the service provider to your app/config/app.php:


Create a database, configure on your Laravel app and migrate it

php artisan migrate --package=pragmarx/ci

Publish Ci configuration:

On Laravel 4.*

php artisan config:publish pragmarx/ci

On Laravel 5.*

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="PragmaRX\Ci\Vendor\Laravel\ServiceProvider"

Edit the file app/config/packages/pragmarx/ci/config.php add your testers:

'testers' => [
	'codeception' => [
		'command' => 'sh %project_path%/vendor/bin/codecept run',

	'phpunit' => [
		'command' => 'phpunit',

Also your projects and test suites:

'projects' => [
	'myproject' => [
		'path' => '/var/www/myproject.dev',
		'watch_folders' => ['app', 'tests'],
		'exclude' => [
		    'folder' => 'tests/_output',
		    'file' => 'tests/database.sqlite',
		'tests_path' => 'tests',
		'suites' => [
			'functional' => [
				'tester' => 'codeception',
				'tests_path' => 'functional',
				'command_options' => 'functional',
				'file_mask' => '*Cept.php',
				'retries' => 3,


For the Dashboard you just need to create a route and add render this view:

return View::make('pragmarx/ci::dashboard');


  • Laravel 4.1+ or 5
  • PHP 5.3.7+


Antonio Carlos Ribeiro


Laravel Ci is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause License - see the LICENSE file for details


Pull requests and issues are welcome.