Hello World Plugin, show you how the pmvc work

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PMVC Hello World Plugin


How to use? Check the demo code.

Install with Composer

1. Download composer

2. Install by composer.json or use command-line directly

2.1 Install by composer.json

  • vim composer.json
    "require": {
        "pmvc-plugin/hello_world": "dev-master"
  • php composer.phar install

2.2 Or use composer command-line

  • php composer.phar require pmvc-plugin/hello_world

3. Write some demo code

    \PMVC\plug('hello_world', ['Hello, PMVC.'])->say();

4. Run the demo

  • php demo.php

5. Check the whole demo code

One line test

php -r "include('vendor/autoload.php'); PMVC\Load::plug([],['../']); \PMVC\plug('hello_world', ['Hello, PMVC.'])->say();"