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2.0.0 2023-06-27 07:12 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-02-03 12:54:31 UTC


This extension adds a page type which returns a pdf from the website you are currently visiting.
For this, a middleware checks the pagetype and on match it throws the content inside mPdf, which then generates a pdf-file.

You can write your own templates with fluid and include your own css-files for styling. Also everything is overwritable.


Include the extensions' setup.typoscript and constants.typoscript.
Add typeNum 1590672891 to your routing config. You can add 1590672892 as well for debug purposes.
Replace the default template EXT:html_to_pdf/Resources/Private/Pdf/Templates/Index.html to render the correct col or do different layout adjustments for your project.