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Forest project is an example project based on Nette Framework and many useful packages by @f3l1x.

Why forest? Because we are building (fo)REST API.


Main goal is to provide best prepared API starter-kit project for Nette-Apitte developers.

Focused on:

  • nette/* packages
  • Doctrine ORM via nettrine/*
  • Symfony components via contributte/*
  • codestyle checking via CodeSniffer and ninjify/*
  • static analysing via phpstan
  • unit / integration tests via Nette Tester and ninjify/*



  1. At first, use composer to install this project.

    composer create-project planette/forest-project
  2. After that, you have to setup Postgres >= 10 database. You can start it manually or use docker image postgres:10.

    docker run -it -p 5432:5432 -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=forest -e POSTGRES_USER=forest postgres:10

    Or use make task, make loc-postgres.

  3. Custom configuration file is located at app/config/config.local.neon. Edit it if you want.

    Default configuration should look like:

    # Host Config
        # Database
            host: localhost
            dbname: forest
            user: forest
            password: forest
  4. Ok database is now running and application is configured to connect to it. Let's create initial data.

    Run NETTE_DEBUG=1 bin/console migrations:migrate to create tables. Run NETTE_DEBUG=1 bin/console doctrine:fixtures:load --append to create first user(s).

    Or via task make app-init.

  5. Start your devstack or use PHP local development server.

    You can start PHP server by running php -S localhost:8000 -t www or use prepared make task make loc-web.

  6. Open http://localhost and enjoy!

    Take a look at:


Here is a list of all features you can find in this project.

  • 📦 Packages
    • Nette 2.4
    • Apitte
    • Contributte
    • Nettrine
  • 🌳 Structure
    • app
      • config - configuration files
        • env - prod/dev/test environments
        • app - application configs
        • ext - extensions configs
        • config.local.neon - local runtime config
        • config.local.neon.dist - template for local config
      • domain - business logic and domain specific classes
      • model - application backbone
      • module - API module
      • resources - static content for mails and others
      • bootstrap.php - Nette entrypoint
    • bin - console entrypoint (bin/console)
    • db - database files
      • fixtures - PHP fixtures
      • migrations - migrations files
    • docs - documentation
    • log - runtime and error logs
    • temp - temp files and cache
    • tests - test engine and many cases
      • tests/cases/E2E - PhpStorm's requests files (api.http)
      • tests/cases/Integration
      • tests/cases/Unit
    • vendor - composer's folder
    • www - public content
  • ❗️ Tracy
    • Cool error 500 page

Composer packages

Take a detailed look 👀 at each single package.