A lightweight dependency injector

v1.1.4 2020-11-28 14:37 UTC

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A simple, lightweight PHP 7.1 dependency injector.


This was for fun, and doesn't really compare to the features offered by the popular dependency injectors. If you just need to inject objects then you may find this useful.


$injector = Injector::getInstance();
$injector->addClassResolver(new ArrayMapClassResolver([
    Interface::class => ConcreteImplementation::class
$instance = $injector->get(Interface::class);

By default, all objects are treated as singletons (that is, the same object will be returned for successive calls to get()). If you wish an object to be constructed again for every call of get (or injection) then you can explicitly define it as a Prototype like so:

$injector->addClassResolver(new ArrayMapClassResolver([
    Interface::class => new Prototype(ConcreteImplementation::class)