Integration of QBank DAM for TYPO3

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v2.0.4 2024-01-25 13:31 UTC



  1. Install the extension using Composer: composer req pixelant/qbank
  2. Activate the extension in TYPO3 by using the Admin Tools > Extensions module or by running vendor/bin/typo3 extension:activate qbank; vendor/bin/typo3cms database:updateschema in the command line.


In order for the extension to work, it must be configured. In the TYPO3 Backend, navigate to Admin Tools > Settings > Extension Configuration > qbank and set the required global configuration options in the "Basic" tab. Configuration options in the "Optional" tab are not required, but enable additional functionality, such as usage reporting.

Configuration options can also be set using environment variables. These will override any setting made in the Extension Configuration module.

Available global configuration options


  • Qbank Client ID (40 characters)
    Environment variable: APP_QBANK_CLIENTID
  • Qbank Username
    Environment variable: APP_QBANK_USERNAME
  • Qbank User Password
    Environment variable: APP_QBANK_PASSWORD
  • Qbank host domain e.g. "mycompany.qbank.se"
    Environment variable: APP_QBANK_HOST
  • Target folder for downloaded files Default: "1:user_upload/qbank"
    Environment variable: APP_QBANK_DOWNLOADFOLDER
  • Allow update of metadata and file from command (scheduler/cli) Default: "No autoupdate"
    Environment variable: APP_QBANK_AUTOUPDATE (0: No autoupdate, 1: Metadata, 2: File, 3: Metadata and file)

Basic configuration options.


  • Event session source ID Setting this will enable usage reporting. To get a session source issued, contact support@qbank.se.
    Environment variable: APP_QBANK_SESSIONSOURCE
  • Deployment sites Comma-separated list of deployment sites. Empty means show all.
    Environment variable: APP_QBANK_DEPLOYMENTSITES

Optional configuration options.

Site and language configuration

Deployment sites can also be configured on a per-site and per-site-language basis.

Site configuration

In the TYPO3 Backend, navigate to Site Management > Sites > {Your site} > Qbank tab. You can set the field "Deployment sites" to a comma-separated list of deployment sites. If empty, the value is inherited from the global extension configuration or environment variables.

Per-site configuration of deployment site.

Site language configuration

In the TYPO3 Backend, navigate to Site Management > Sites > {Your site} > Languages tab. Select the language you would like to edit and find the "QBank deployment sites" option. You can set the field to a comma-separated list of deployment sites. If empty, the value is inherited from the site's "Deployment sites" field, global extension configuration, or environment variables.

Per-site-language configuration of deployment site.

Backend Module


Not completed. Will contain some overview of files and statuses.


This view displays all mappings mappings between QBank and TYPO3 metadata. It is also possible to add or remove mappings from this view.


This view displays a list of the QBank files downloaded to TYPO3. It is possible to manually update metadata or replace files from it.

Console Commands

There are two console commands. One that can be used to update status of downloaded files, and one that can be used to update metadata or replace files. These commands can be added to scheduler tasks to be executed by a certain interval.


For help with QBank DAM, please contact support@qbank.se.

For help with installing and configuring this TYPO3 extension, please submit an issue.

Bugs and feature requests

Bug reports and feature requests are very welcome. Create a bug report or feature request