Helps to build parameters.yml file based on environment variables

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Bundle helps to create parameters.yml file based on environment variables. It's really popular scenario especially when running a symfony based application using Docker.

How to install ?

Bundle can be easily installed using composer:

composer require "piwikpro/env-params-builder-bundle:~0.1"

Next, you have to register the bundle in AppKernel:

class AppKernel extends Kernel
    public function registerBundles()
        return [
            new \Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\FrameworkBundle(),
            new \PiwikPRO\EnvParamsBuilderBundle\PiwikPROEnvParamsBuilderBundle()

That's all. Now to create parameters.yml file use following command:

php bin/console env-params:build > app/config/parameters.yml


By default, bundle is looking for symfony specific environment variables (read more about it here), but it's possible to change it:

    prefix: "MY_PREFIX" # by default SYMFONY
    delimiter: "-" # by default __


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