This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Symfony PcdxParameterEncryptionBundle

v1.2.0 2019-01-14 21:39 UTC

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The Symfony Secrets management that was introduced with Symfony 4.4 offers an official solution for the original purpose of this bundle.

Please refer to it instead.

Active development on this project has therefore been stopped.


This bundle lets you save Symfony parameters in an encrypted form and automatically decrypt them during runtime.

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What It Does

This bundle allows developers to save sensitive information in Symfony parameters in an encrypted form so that it can be committed to a VCS. The only remaining sensitive information, the decryption key, could then be saved in an unversioned parameters.yml file or simply passed in an environment variable.

Through this approach you can easily keep all stage-specific configuration files in the VCS and use a switch mechanism to detect which one to load. This helps you keep the number of stage-specific (automatically) deployed but unversioned files to an absolute minimum.

What It Does Not Do

The intention is not to provide security in a way that an attacker with access to the webspace file system wouldn't be able to decrypt the parameters.

The PHP process needs to read both the encrypted data as well as the decryption key(s), be it in the file system or in memory as an environment variable. Someone who manages to infiltrate the process therefore automatically gains relevant read access to both pieces of information as well.

Additionally, anyone who can read the Symfony application cache would be able to extract the dumped container including all decrypted parameters anyway.


  • Provides encryption for Symfony parameters
  • Does not impact overall application performance when container is cached
  • Allows defining keys in base64 encoded format to support binary values
  • Allows generating keys with PBKDF2
  • Allows specifying multiple algorithm configurations to enable usage of different methods of encryption in the same application
  • Modular approach to harness encryption ciphers from reputable third-party Composer packages
  • Highly configurable
  • Highly extensible (custom encrypters, decrypters, key transformers, ...)
  • 100% code coverage

Furthermore, this bundle comes with the following ciphers out-of-the-box:

Symmetric Ciphers

  • Caesar


The documentation source files are located in the Resources/doc/ directory of this bundle.


Please refer to the Getting Started guide.


This bundle is released under the MIT license.


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