Client for NASA Open Api: Near Earth Object Web Service

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Build Status Coverage Status

NeoWsClient - client for NASA Open Api "Near Earth Object Web Service" or NeoWs in short. All NeoWs data is from the NASA JPL Asteroid team.

NeoWsClient supports NeoWs v1 with resources:

  • feed
  • neo
  • stats



Update to your composer.json with:

    "require": {
        "picamator/neo-ws-client": "~1.0"


To run examples please create parameters.yml in config directory using as a template parameters.yml.dist. The DEMO_KEY is a valid api token. It has limitation as requests per hour, per day. More information in NASA official documentation.

Example list:

Arbitrary precision math

NeoWsClient formats only Date to DateTime object all others keeps original API's. NeoWs uses string for long precision float like e.g. .6304873017364636 execution floatval on them would removes last two digits. Therefore NeoWsClient does not convert strings to int or float. To make any math with string floats please use BCMath. BCMath takes care of arbitrary precision mathematics.

Technical specification

That section describes extension and configuration points.

Dependency injection

NeoWsClient uses Symfony DI. It's configuration in services.yml.

Data mapping

NeoWsClient works with data mapping to create objects based on Api response. To make customization or build objects from API response it's need to create mapper repository object. Mapper repository object is a simple data storage over schema with implementation Mapper\Api\RespositoryInterface.

The schema contains:

Name Is required Description
source yes Key in API response
destination yes Property inside NeoWsClient value object
destinationContainer yes Name of NeoWsClient object where destination property is located
schema no Sub schema
collectionOf no Interface name of NeoWsClient objects that will be present inside collection. It's an interface of destinationContainer in sub-schema.
filter no Name of NeoWsClient filter object, it runs over API's data


There are three different error types:

  • Response HTTP codes: 401, 403, 404
  • Response HTTP code 200 with empty body
  • Exception

Response HTTP codes: 401, 403, 404

In case of getting HTTP codes: 401, 403, 404 or any unsuccessful one application return empty response. Empty response means valid Response object where:

  • code: is a http code
  • data: stdClass over body response string
  • rateLimit: valid rate limit object with data if they are present in API's header

Response HTTP code 200 with empty body

If API returns empty body with HTTP code 200 with several simultaneously requests. The NeoWsClient Manager rise exception ManagerException in that case. Because HTTP code 200 means OK, but body is wrong therefore NeoWsClient can not distinguish valid/invalid data by HTTP code.

That exception SHOULD be catch without putting any logic like resend, wait 3 sec. then resend again etc. Instead it's better to have cache over API.


The full exception list that NeoWsClient rises is in Exception folder. If exception rise it means that application can not proceed request, it does not have any business logic in it.



To configure developing environment please:

  1. Follow Docker installation steps
  2. Run inside Docker container composer install


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NeoWsClient is licensed under the MIT License. Please see the LICENSE file for details.