A php library for building jsonrpc clients and servers

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A php library for building json-rpc clients and servers.

Originally bundled as part of the phpxmlrpc/extras package.

At the moment it only (partially) supports version 1.0 of the JSON-RPC protocol. Features still to be implemented are: multicall, notifications, peer-to-peer communication.

Main features

  • Support for creating both jsonrpc clients and servers
  • Support for http features including compression of both requests and responses, cookies, proxies, basic auth, https, ntlm auth and keepalives with the php cURL extension
  • Optional validation of parameter types of incoming jsonrpc request
  • Possibility to register existing php function or class methods as webservices, extracting value-added information from phpdoc comments
  • Support for system.listMethods, system.methodHelp, system.multicall and system.getCapabilities methods
  • Support for UTF8, Latin-1 and ASCII character encodings. With the php mbstring extension enabled, even more character sets are supported.
  • A web based visual debugger is included with the library


  • PHP >= 5.4.0
  • PHP Json extension
  • phpxmlrpc/phpxmlrpc >= 4.10.1


Via Composer


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