A collection of server-side addons that might be of use for development of xml-rpc (and json-rpc) based applications

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A collection of server addons that might be of use for development of xml-rpc (and json-rpc) based applications


  • PHP 5.4 or newer
  • phpxmlrpc/phpxmlrpc 4.10.0 or newer


documentation can be found in the doc/ directory. NB the docbook manual is quite outdated.


Use of this software is subject to the terms in license.txt



Demo of ajaxified version of the lib: supports executing xml-rpc/json-rpc calls directly from the client browser after having defined them only once, in php.


Subclass of the xml-rpc server that auto-generates HTML documentation of exposed services. Easy as a breeze to use, and extremely user-friendly.


Subclass of the xml-rpc server that can act as remote (transparent) xml-rpc proxy to forward calls to a remote server. Can either forward any received call or probe remote server first for existing methods.

Running tests

The recommended way to run the library test suite is via the provided Docker containers. A handy shell script is available that simplifies usage of Docker.

The full sequence of operations is:

./tests/ci/ build
./tests/ci/ start
./tests/ci/ runtests
./tests/ci/ stop

# and, once you have finished all testing related work:
./tests/ci/ cleanup

By default, tests are run using php 7.4 in a Container based on Ubuntu 20 Focal. You can change the version of PHP and Ubuntu in use by setting the environment variables PHP_VERSION and UBUNTU_VERSION before building the Container.

To generate the code-coverage report, run ./tests/ci/ runcoverage

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