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String manipulation, leveled up! -- by, Chris Kankiewicz (@PHLAK)

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Twine is a string manipulation library with an expressive, fluent syntax.


Install with Composer

composer require phlak/twine

Getting Started

First, import Twine:

use PHLAK\Twine;

Then instantiate a Twine object by newing up a Twine\Str object and passing your string as the first parameter.

$string = new Twine\Str('john pinkerton');

You may also instantiate a Twine\Str object statically via the make() method.

$string = Twine\Str::make('john pinkerton');

Or use the global str() helper method. The method takes a string as the only parameter and returns a Twine\Str object.

$string = str('john pinkerton');

Once you have a concrete Twine\Str instance you may treat it like any other string. This includes echoing it or using any of PHP's built-in string functions against it.

echo $string; // Echos 'john pinkerton'

str_shuffle($string) // Returns something like 'enoipo ktnjhnr'

strlen($string); // Returns 14

The strength of Twine, however comes from its built-in methods.

$string->echo(); // Echos 'john pinkerton'
$string->shuffle(); // Returns something like 'enoipo ktnjhnr'
$string->length(); // Returns 14

// or some more interesting methods

$string->reverse(); // Returns 'notreknip nhoj'
$string->contains('pink'); // Returns true
$stting->replace('pink', 'purple'); // Returns 'john purpleton'
$string->snakeCase(); // Returns 'john_pinkerton'

At this point you're ready to start using Twine by calling any of its many built-in methods.

Available Methods


Method Chaining

A Twine string can be manipulated fluently by chaining methods. Here are a few example chains:

Perform a substring comparison:

$string = new Twine\Str('john pinkerton');

$string->substring(5, 4)->equals('pink'); // Returns true

Encode a file in compliance with RFC 2045.

$string = new Twine\Str(file_get_contents('garbage.bin'));

$string->base64()->wrap(76, "\r\n", Twine\Config\Wrap::HARD);

Additional details available in the full documentation at

MultiByte Strings

Twine aims for mltibyte string compatibility by relying on PHP's Multibyte String extension (mbstring) to perform string operations. For this reason, the mbstring extension is required. Multibyte strings include Unicode encodings such as UTF-8 and UCS-2.


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This project is licensed under the MIT License.