A pre-defined set of coding standards for PHP CS Fixer.

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A pre-defined set of coding standards for PHP CS Fixer
Created by Chris Kankiewicz (@PHLAK)


  • PHP >= 7.2


composer require --dev phlak/coding-standards


After installation you may initialze the coding standards configuration with the provided cs executable.

composer exec cs init

Alternatively you may manually create a .php-cs-fxer.dist.php file in the root folder with the following contents.


require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

$finder = PhpCsFixer\Finder::create()->in([
    // List of paths you wish to include

return PHLAK\CodingStandards\ConfigFactory::make($finder);

Add the paths you wish to be coverd to the array.

Now you may run php-cs-fixer as normal.

Add / Override Rules

You can add additional rules or override pre-defined ones by passing them as the second parameter to the ConfigFactory::make() method. These rules will be merged with the pre-defined rules.

return PHLAK\CodingStandards\ConfigFactory::make($finder, [
    // Your additional rules here...

Additional Configuration

Additional configuration can be achieved by chaining methods onto the ConfigFactory::make() method.

return PHLAK\CodingStandards\ConfigFactory::make($finder)


A list of changes can be found on the GitHub Releases page.


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This project is licensed under the MIT License.