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Bundle for backward compatibility with old configuration format for paysera/lib-rest-bundle

1.0.1 2020-09-22 06:13 UTC

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Bundle that allows easier migration from paysera/lib-rest-bundle to paysera/lib-api-bundle.

It helps with the following:

  • supporting some of the old parameters and headers from lib-rest-bundle for use in lib-api-bundle;
  • supporting exceptions and some responsef from lib-rest-bundle for use in lib-api-bundle.


For new functionality we should just use lib-api-bundle classes and parameters. For older ones, we still need to support backward compatibility while migrating, so it's easier to migrate in the following fashion:

  • change endpoints to use lib-api-bundle, but possibly with older parameters, exceptions etc.
  • support for new exceptions, parameters and other things comes by-default;
  • we can migrate the functionality, services, frontend to the new parameters;
  • we can clean up afterwards, using only newer functionality.


composer require paysera/lib-rest-migration-bundle

Semantic versioning

This library follows semantic versioning.

See Symfony BC rules for basic information about what can be changed and what not in the API.

Running tests

composer update
composer test


Feel free to create issues and give pull requests.

You can fix any code style issues using this command:

composer fix-cs