A PHPUnit 6 / 7 tests skeletons generator

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PhpUnitGen is an open source development tool which will help you writing your unit tests for PHPUnit 6 / 7:

  • Generate unit skeleton for all PHP files including classes, traits, interfaces and global functions.
  • Automatically generate a few simple unit tests (like getter / setter methods tests, class instantiation).

You can try and use this package on a web application, at

Version 2 of PhpUnitGen is now available, but be careful, it breaks the PhpUnitGen 1.x.x API.

Image of PhpUnitGen rendering

Package structure

build/      ==> Build results (code coverage ...) [only after running composer test].
config/     ==> Default PhpUnitGen configurations.
examples/   ==> Examples about this package (configuration, parsing examples).
src/        ==> Package source files.
template/   ==> Package template for generated tests skeletons.
tests/      ==> Package unit tests.
vendor/     ==> Composer dependencies [only after running composer install].


Best way to install this package is with composer dependency manager.

$ composer require --dev paulthebaud/phpunit-generator ^2.0

--dev option is used to install this package only in development environment.


PhpUnitGen documentation is available online on

It give multiple information on PhpUnitGen:

Running tests

$ composer test


Please see CONTRIBUTING for more details.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.