Library providing the Gossamer PKI protocol

v0.6.0 2021-12-20 22:04 UTC

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Library that provides most of the plumbing for the Gossamer PKI.

Since version 0.4.0 it also bundles a client-side library for retrieving keys and verifying the signatures of update files.

The code syntax is compatible with PHP 5.3+, but this is only intended for PHP 5.6+, as per WordPress's new minimum supported version.

Getting Started


First, obtain the source code from Composer/Packagist, like so:

composer require paragonie/libgossamer:^0|^1

This will include two components:

  1. The library that implements the Gossamer specification.
  2. The Gossamer Client.

The next steps will depend entirely on what you want to do with Gossamer. Check out the tutorials directory for specific next steps.

Other Repositories


Read the Libgossamer Documentation online.