A command-line tool that help you manage Nginx local development configuration

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A command-line tool that help you more easily use Nginx.

What's This

Site CLI is a command-line tool that helps you manage and switch Nginx local development environment configuration files.

This tool makes me lazy in the development, It's more than just cd && ls, ln -s, nginx -s , I enjoy it.


  • Auto-Completion - Supports all commands, arguments and options auto-completion.
  • Grouping - Uses directories to group site configuration files. Support the operation of any item and ane group.
  • List - Use ls command quick see site list and information.
  • Switch - Use enable/disable command can quick switching site or group, it support service auto reload.
  • Service - Help you use the same command control service in different environments.
  • Alfred3 Workflow Support - Provide workflow helpe you quick search and switch site.


Download Phar file:

  • Phar Releases
$ mv site-cli.phar /usr/local/bin/site
$ chmod +x /usr/local/bin/site

Download the library using composer:

$ composer require panlatent/site-cli
$ ln -s ./bin/site-cli /usr/local/bin/site
$ chmod +x /usr/local/bin/site


Custom Configuration

The default configuration provided by Site Cli works very well, but you can still customize it.

Run init command will create a .site-cli.yml file to your home directory. Edit this file:

  available: ~/etc/nginx/sites-available
  enabled: ~/etc/nginx/sites-enabled

Add Completion

Run init --dump-completion will make a completion script contents and print to the terminal. Use -o, --output[=OUTPUT] will write to a file. Add shell complete in ~/.zshrc or ~/.bash_profile: source ~/

A example:

$ site init --dump-completion -o ~/.site-cli.bash
$ echo "source .site-cli.bash" >> ~/.zshrc


$ site [command] [argment]

Command List:

  • clear - Clear unless symbolic links
  • config - Get and set site-cli options
  • create - Create a new site
  • disable - Disable a site or a group sites
  • edit - Edit site configuration using editor
  • enable - Enable a site or a group sites
  • help - Displays help for a command
  • init - Init site-cli settings
  • ls - List groups and sites contents
  • service - Control site service process


Add nginx.conf vim syntax:

Download nginx.vim nginx vim

$ mv nginx.vim ~/.vim/syntax/
$ vi ~/.vim/filetype.vim

Add au BufRead,BufNewFile your_nginx_path/* set ft=nginx


The Site CLI is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.