Theme-Compiler for Theme-Manager Bundles

1.3.0 2022-12-05 08:01 UTC

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Last update: 2022-12-05 18:27:49 UTC


The contao theme compiler bundle adds the functionality to compile selected scss files within your theme settings.


  • Compiles your scss files in your contao installation
  • A compile button next to your themes
  • Able to add multiple source files
  • Able to compile multiple files into one
  • Enable backups for your compiled scss

How to install the package

Via composer

composer require oveleon/contao-theme-compiler-bundle

Via contao-manager

Search for contao theme compiler bundle and add it to your extensions.

Initial setup

  1. Create a theme and add source file/s in your theme settings

  2. Add a destination folder for your source files

  3. (Optional settings for combining your files and more)

  4. Save

    Admin View: Advanced form overview

  5. Compile in your theme-settings, within your theme overview, under maintenance or via console command

    Admin View: Advanced form overview Admin View: Advanced form overview

    php vendor/bin/contao-console contao:themecompiler:compile [id]

Console commands

List themes

  • Outputs a list of your themes within tl_theme
php vendor/bin/contao-console contao:themecompiler:list

Compile theme

  • Compiles a theme ([id] is mandatory):
php vendor/bin/contao-console contao:themecompiler:compile [id]