A monolog-handler that POSTs to a webhook

1.1.1 2017-03-02 10:45 UTC

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Last update: 2024-02-23 08:48:18 UTC


Log-Hander that POSTs a log-request using HTTPlug


composer require org_Heigl/webhookhandler


  1. Create the handler
    $uriFactory = \Http\Discovery\UriFactoryDiscovery::find();
    $uri = $uriFactory->createUri('');
    $handler = new WebHookHandler(
  1. Add the handler to the logger as you would with any other handler:
    $logger = new Logger('example');
  1. Log as you are used to:
    $logger->log('Whatever you want to say');

The log-message will be send via a HTTP-POST to the provided URI (in this example to `````).

The post-body will be the following json_encoded array:

    [message] => The message of the log-entry
    [from] => 'WhateverYouWant'
    [context] => []
    [level] => the set log-level
    [level_name] => the name of the set log-level
    [channel] => Whatever you set as channel name for the logger
    [datetime] => DateTime-Object
    [extra] => []
    [formatted] => The formatted message

That mainly is the array that monolog passes to the handlers…