Commands for generating and handling the changelog.

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Task Runner commands for generating and handling the changelog.

This is a CLI command that generates a changelog using the OpenEuropa Taskrunner. It wraps the github-changelog-generator project.

This generates changelogs for projects that:

  1. Are publicly hosted on GitHub.
  2. Use GitHub issues and pull requests to manage development.
  3. Publish releases on GitHub.



Add the project as a composer dependency inside the project for which to generate changelogs:

$ composer require openeuropa/task-runner-changelog


A GitHub Access token is required. It is advised to create a new token to use exclusively for this command.

The following examples will generate a changelog in the file which will be placed in the project root folder.

# Generate a changelog for an unreleased development version.
$ ./vendor/bin/run changelog:generate --token=TOKEN
# Generate a changelog for an upcoming 1.2.3 release.
$ ./vendor/bin/run changelog:generate --token=TOKEN --tag=1.2.3

For more information and additonal options see the built-in help:

$ ./vendor/bin/run changelog:generate --help


Read the Task Runner documentation: