This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the openeuropa/pcas-demo package instead.

Demo sites for the pCAS library.

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This package is auto-updated.

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The demo contains two independent Symfony applications:

  • demo-client: A basic web app that can authenticate to a CAS server to access specific pages.
  • demo-server: A basic CAS server.

In order to test pCAS library, you must set these applications locally.

Step 1: Git

Clone the repository.

Step 2: Docker

Copy the docker-compose.yml.dist file into docker-compose.yml. You can make alterations, however the defaults should be enough.

Run the docker-compose up -d

Step 3: Composer

Install the composer dependencies of the applications:

docker-compose exec pcas-demo composer install

When updating the applications you can run composer update in their directories separately:

docker-compose exec pcas-client composer update
docker-compose exec pcas-server composer update

Step 3: Hosts

Inside your machine's hosts file, map your localhost ( to the following host: pcas-server.:      pcas-server

Now, the two applications will be running at:

You can also test it against ECAS, the authentication service from European Commission by updating the file .env in demo-client directory. If this file does not exist, you can create it from .env.dist.

The file must contains: