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This is the Worktime Module for onePlace Software Framework based on Laminas Project (former Zend Framework)

Create your web based apps on the fly! onePlace brings you extended Entity and Table Models, View Helpers and much more - so you can build your Webapp to manage database based data, in almost any layout you can image.

onePlace is built for maximum freedom of choice for your app, and so only small parts of laminas mvc are utilized. a lot is done from scratch to give you more freedom / customization.

Worktime Module

This worktime module is a starting point for your own onePlace modules. It expands on oneplace-core and uses the onePlace / Laminas MVC layer and module systems.


The easiest way to install onePlace Worktime is via composer

composer require oneplace/oneplace-worktime

Getting started

how to utilize user manager

how to create own modules


Documentation will be extended soon.