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This is a core foundation for the onePlace Software Framework based on Laminas Project (former Zend Framework)

First opensource release of onePlace Software Framework.

Create your web based apps on the fly! onePlace brings you extended Entity and Table Models, View Helpers and much more - so you can build your Webapp to manage database based data, in almost any layout you can image.

onePlace is built for maximum freedom of choice for your app, and so only small parts of laminas mvc are utilized. a lot is done from scratch to give you more freedom / customization.

Skeleton Application

This skeleton application is a starting point for your onePlace Software Framework applications. It expands on Laminas Mvc Skeleton and uses the Laminas MVC layer and module systems.


Copy files to webserver

Init database

Update config files

first login with admin

Getting started

how to utilize user manager

how to create own modules

Integration to 3rd party services

We also have tons of 3rd party plugins readdy for you to use - and, skeleton plugins for you to make your own plugins !

The first we release is our wordpress plugin boilerplate and skeleton.

You have built an onePlace Module based on Skeleton? Well, you get your corresponding wordpress plugin to show off your Skeleton Entities e.G in Sliders, as easy-to-use Elementor Widgets - just for free and added on top. If you use Skeleton compatible API - you wont need to code a single line of code to make your wordpress plugin - and even publishing it on

oneplace-wordpress-plugin-skeleton oneplace-wordpress-plugin-boilerplate

A lot more will follow as we are porting them from our closed source version, almost any integration you can possibly imagine:

  • / git
  • extended email support (receive/send)
  • telegram bot api
  • whatsapp business integration
  • online banking integrations (iso certified qr payments supported)
  • hardware integrations - RFID login to app for example
  • control your coffee machine with oneplace..
  • face recognization
  • a lot more ... you will see soon

and just because ..its oneplace:

  • unity (we have a game ...and - guess what, a game skeleton for your own game based on oneplace)

Contact us if you can't wait for a certain api / integration - its already working in our closed source projects and we are working hard to release it under BSD-3, which requires a lot of refactoring - maybe you can help. or Telegram


Documentation will be extended soon.