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This is a collection of templates to build software with onePlace

You can actually use this collection of bootstrap based html templates for every laminas-mvc based application

Included Components


The easiest way to install onePlace Templates is via composer

composer require oneplace/oneplace-templates

Quick Start

Just use the templates you want and customize them in the way you need. Here is an example of an form based on a bootstrap card

# Define Body

# Define Footer
$sCardFooter = $this->partial('templates/card/basic_footer', [
    'sButtonLabel' => $this->translate('Save Calendar'),
    'sButtonIcon' => 'fas fa-save',
    'bCancelButton' => true,
    'sCancelButtonAction' => '/calendar',

<form action="" method="POST">
    <div class="row">
    # Print Card
    echo $this->partial('templates/card/basic', [
        'sCardTitle' => $this->translate('Manage Calendar'),
        'sCardBody' => $sCardBody,
        'sCardFooter' => $sCardFooter,