E-commerce solution for October CMS

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E-commerce solution for October CMS

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oc-mall is a fully featured online shop solution for October CMS.

  • Manage Products and Variants
  • Virtual products (download only, no shipping)
  • Product services (e. g. extended warranty, on-site installation)
  • Stock management
  • Wishlists
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Checkout via Stripe, PayPal and PostFinance supported out-of-the-box
  • Custom payment providers
  • Integrated with RainLab.User
  • Multi-currency and multi-language (integrates with RainLab.Translate)
  • Shipping and Tax management
  • Specific prices for different customer groups
  • Unlimited additional price fields (reseller, retail, reduced, etc)
  • Custom order states
  • Flexible e-mail notifications
  • Easily extendable with custom features
  • Google Tag Manager and Google Merchant Center integrations


For October 1, use version 1.x of this plugin. For October 2+ use the latest version.


The documentation of this plugin can be found here:


  • PHP7.2+
  • October Build 444+
  • For best performance use MySQL 5.7+ or MariaDB 10.2+


A live demo of the plugin can be found here:


For support and development requests please file an issue on GitHub.


The easiest way to get you started is by using the command line:

composer require \
   rainlab/user-plugin \
   rainlab/location-plugin \
   rainlab/translate-plugin \

Once the plugin is installed take a look at the official documentation to get everything up and running.


Below are some totally unscientific benchmarks created on a lazy Saturday afternoon. These tests were run on a DigitalOcean CPU optimized Droplet with 2 vCPU and 4GB RAM. October was run on Ubuntu 18.04, PHP 7.2.10, Apache 2.4.19 and MySQL 5.7.24.

All measurements were done using the Bedard.Debugbar plugin and are the average load time over 10 page loads (I told you they were unscientific!).

Index size defines the size of the offline_mall_index table. This table includes de-normalized information about all Products and Variants. An index size of 1000 means there are 1000 individual Variants and Products stored. The demo data used was built using the php artisan mall:seed-demo command run in an infinite loop.

Category page load is the page load time measured when a category page is loaded. All stored products will be filtered, sorted (by sales count) and counted by the currently viewed category_id. Nine of these products will be displayed and the pagination will be built based on the returned number of results.

Filtered page load is the page load time measured when two filters are being enabled (filter by the color Red and the material Carbon). In this case all products will be filtered by their category, their color and their material. The pagination will be built based on the returned number of results.

Index size Category page load Filtered page load
1'000 290 ms 281 ms
5'000 301 ms 295 ms
10'000 324 ms 318 ms
50'000 448 ms 433 ms
100'000 586 ms 570 ms
200'000 912 ms 865 ms
300'000 1300 ms 1240 ms

Please be aware that these benchmarks are only here to show you how this plugin behaves under different loads and the times will vary depending on the hardware, configuration and setup of your installation. If you really want to know how well the plugin performs install it yourself and give it a go!



The raw documentation for this plugin is stored in the docs directory. It is written in markdown and built with VuePress.

For a live preview of the docs install vuepress locally and run vuepress dev from the docs directory.

Bugs and feature requests

If you found a bug or want to request a feature please file a GitHub issue.

Pull requests

PRs are always welcome! Open them against the develop branch. If you plan a time consuming contribution please open an issue first and describe what changes you have in mind.