Vendor plugin for Sylius. Add Vendor (Brand) to your products

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Sylius Vendor Plugin
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This is a Sylius Plugin that adds vendors (brands) to your store. A vendor is an entity that sells products and is fully customizable by the admin.


  • Vendors by Channel: You can specify what vendors will be enabled for different stores.
  • Vendors with translations: Vendor's information is translatable.
  • Templates: This plugin has shop views for list and show vendors.
  • Multi Emails: Vendors can have a primary and also additionals emails.
  • Ready for Headless: Full Rest API.
  • Sitemap: All shop pages are connected with the Sitemap Plugin.
  • Easy to extend: This plugin follows the best practices to make it fully extensible.

Support Sylius version 1.9+.

Premium features!

Do you want advanced features? Take a look at our Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin, this converts your Sylius store into a marketplace store like Amazon, Etsy, eBay.


Vendors admin list

Vendors admin product edit

Vendors shop index

Vendors shop show


You can see this plugin in action in our Sylius Demo application.



This plugin is maintained by Odiseo. Want us to help you with this plugin or any Sylius project? Contact us on team@odiseo.com.ar.