Plugin for Sylius to add Mailchimp ecommerce features

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Sylius Mailchimp Plugin
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This is a Sylius Plugin that connect your store with Mailchimp to use their ecommerce features: https://mailchimp.com/en/resources/mailchimp-e-commerce.


  • Product blocks: Customizable product blocks provide you with a quick way to promote your best-selling items or showcase seasonal products in your campaign or automation email. Once you connect your store, we’ll automatically pull product images, descriptions, and prices for you.

  • Product recommendations: Product recommendations feature analyzes the previous purchase behavior of your customers and automatically suggests products they’re most likely to buy.

  • E-commerce automations: Welcome first-time customers, Reward your best customers, Send a product follow-up message, Re-engage lapsed customers.

  • Abandoned cart: Allows you to give customers the incentive they need to return to your store, so you can recapture sales and generate more revenue.

  • Order notifications: Allow you to design, send, and track all of those notifications you need to send customers—like order confirmations, invoices, shipping confirmations, refund confirmations, and cancellation confirmations—directly through your Mailchimp account.

Support Sylius version 1.3+.


You can see this plugin in action in our Sylius Demo application.



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