extension to create QTI tests

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Extension to create QTI tests into TAO

About the new test runner

The new test runner uses now a more consistent format for the config, but a mapping is made to convert the current server config to the new format. So if new entries are added to current config, the class has to be updated to support this new entry.

Now the review plugin is related to the item categories, so the category x-tao-option-reviewScreen need to be set on each navigable item. The mark for review button is related to the category x-tao-option-markReview

Here is a list of known category options:

Option Description
x-tao-option-reviewScreen Enable the review/navigation panel
x-tao-option-markReview Enable the mark for review button when the review/navigation panel is enabled
x-tao-option-exit Allow to finish and exit the test
x-tao-option-nextSection Enable the next section button
x-tao-option-nextSectionWarning Enable the next section button, display a confirm message
x-tao-proctored-auto-pause Enable autopause before entering the next section



Results variables transmission

Provided by triggering corresponding events


Asynchronous handling of this event can be provided by running next command

php index.php 'oat\taoQtiTest\scripts\tools\ResultVariableTransmissionEvenHandlerSwitcher' --class 'oat\taoQtiTest\models\classes\eventHandler\ResultTransmissionEventHandler\AsynchronousResultTransmissionEventHandler'

or manually updating DI config file taoQtiTest/ResultTransmissionEventHandler by next code

 * Default config header created during install

return new oat\taoQtiTest\models\classes\eventHandler\ResultTransmissionEventHandler\AsynchronousResultTransmissionEventHandler();

Environment variables

Var Description
FEATURE_FLAG_FORCE_DISPLAY_TEST_ITEM_FEEDBACK Even if itemSessionControl showFeedback option is false, show item feedback modal
FEATURE_FLAG_PAUSE_CONCURRENT_SESSIONS When set, forces restoring the timers state from the browser storage on test init
FEATURE_FLAG_MAINTAIN_RESTARTED_DELIVERY_EXECUTION_STATE Typed environment variable, controlling whether a delivery execution state should be kept as is or reset each time it starts. If "false" the state will be reset on each restart. Default behavior. If "true" the state will be maintained upon a restart