Bundle for File and Image management in Symfony

4.0.0 2017-04-05 14:11 UTC


This project is no longer actively maintained.

Novaway FileManagementBundle

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The current version of the bundle is only compatible with Symfony 2.5+ Version 1.0 provides compatibility with older versions of Symfony

Summary and features

This package allows to manage files and image for entities in a smoother way with Symfony 2


The documentation is stored in the Resources/doc/ file in this bundle.

Read the Documentation for master

### Compiling the JavaScript files

Note: We already provide a compiled version of the JavaScript; this section is only relevant if you want to make changes to this script.

In order to re-compile the JavaScript source files that we ship with this bundle, you need the Google Closure Tools. You need the plovr tool, it is a Java ARchive, so you also need a working Java environment. You can re-compile the JavaScript with the following command:

$ java -jar plovr.jar build Resources/config/plovr/compile.js

Alternatively, you can use the JMSGoogleClosureBundle. If you install this bundle, you can re-compile the JavaScript with the following command:

$ php app/console plovr:build @NovawayFileManagementBundle/compile.js

### Testing Unit tests are written using atoum. You will get atoum, among other dependencies, when running composer install. To run tests, you will need to run the following command :

$ vendor/bin/atoum

# To run tests in a loop, ideal to do TDD
$ vendor/bin/atoum --loop


  • Cédric Spalvieri - Novaway [skwi69]