Novactive eZ Accelerator is an eZ Platform bundle for performance optimizations.

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Accelerate your Ibexa DXP (eZ Platform)

This bundles helps and aims to accelerate:

  • the overhall performances
  • your developments
  • productivity of your marketing/content creation teams
  • your business

eZ Accelerator leverages Symfony Messenger and adds asynchronoucity to eZ Platform allowing many things with NO OVERHEAD and quite the opposite accelerating native actions.

For now, eZ Accelerator allows you to:

  • catch and dispatch asynchronously any Events. (Careful though not all can be handle asynchronously)
  • handle HTTP Cache Purge asynchronously
  • handle Search Indexation asynchronously

Bonus! You can inject Middleware into the game!

How does that work

First you need to understand the Symony Messenger Component.

Asynchronous HTTP Cache Purge

eZ Accelerator decorates the eZ Platform purger to dispatch the corresponding messages. To enable the asynchronicity, you just need to know the Message FQDN

  • Tag Purge: Novactive\Bundle\eZAccelerator\Message\PurgeHttpCacheTags
  • Purge All: Novactive\Bundle\eZAccelerator\Message\PurgeAllHttpCache

that's it! See the config example below

Asynchronous Search Index

eZ Accelerator decorates the eZ Platform Search Handler to dispatch the corresponding messages. To enable the asynchronicity, you just need to know the Message FQDN

  • Index Content: Novactive\Bundle\eZAccelerator\Message\Search\IndexContent
  • Index Location: Novactive\Bundle\eZAccelerator\Message\Search\IndexLocation
  • Remove Content: Novactive\Bundle\eZAccelerator\Message\Search\UnindexContent
  • Remove Location: Novactive\Bundle\eZAccelerator\Message\Search\UnindexLocation
  • Purge All: Novactive\Bundle\eZAccelerator\Message\Search\PurgeIndex

that's it! See the config example below

Asynchronous Event handling

The concept is simple, everytime eZ Platform is doing something an event is triggered. eZ Accelerator gives you the opportunity to handle the event through a bus which gives you the opportunity to handle that event via a message synchronously or asynchronicity using the transport of your choice.

Everything is opt-in, you can still use the default event dispatcher or you can switch to the bus approach.

Configuration example

Handle the Event: eZ\Publish\API\Repository\Events\Bookmark\CreateBookmarkEvent through a bus SYNCHRONOUSLY

            # default_bus: a.default.bus.for.this.siteaccess.config
                    message: Novactive\Bundle\eZAccelerator\Message\VoidEventMessage # should be your own
                    # stop_propagation: false # default
                    # bus: a.specific.bus.for.this.siteaccess.config.and.that.event

You can decide to stop the event propagation as well if it makes sense.

Transport Configuration

            my.bus: # could be anything and you can have many
                    - Novactive\Bundle\eZAccelerator\Core\SiteAccessAwareMiddleware

            ezaccelerator: 'doctrine://default?queue_name=nova_ezaccelerator' # you decide the name does not matter

            Novactive\Bundle\eZAccelerator\Message\VoidEventMessage: ezaccelerator
            Novactive\Bundle\eZAccelerator\Message\HTTPCache\PurgeAllHttpCache: ezaccelerator
            Novactive\Bundle\eZAccelerator\Message\HTTPCache\PurgeHttpCacheTags: ezaccelerator
            Novactive\Bundle\eZAccelerator\Message\Search\IndexContent: ezaccelerator
            Novactive\Bundle\eZAccelerator\Message\Search\IndexLocation: ezaccelerator
            Novactive\Bundle\eZAccelerator\Message\Search\UnindexContent: ezaccelerator
            Novactive\Bundle\eZAccelerator\Message\Search\UnindexLocation: ezaccelerator
            Novactive\Bundle\eZAccelerator\Message\Search\PurgeIndex: ezaccelerator

With this configuration you can handle asynchronously whatever you want when you want.

Again, careful when all the AfterEvent can probably all be handle asynchronously the main work has to be synchronous for most of the case. (Ex: Content Creation, etc.)


Consumers and SiteAccesses in complex MultiSiteAccess situation

When running the consumers, you will probably run them via 1 siteaccess (default maybe).

Thing is you might want to know the original SiteAccess. That's why eZ Accelerator injects the SiteAccessAwareMiddleware which tags the Message with the Orginal SiteAccess.

Nevertheless, and even more importantly, in your handler you need to handle according to the correct configuration.

Let's imagine a situation where you have 2 siteaccess:

  • A: where the Varnish server is V.IP.A and database DB.A (default)
  • B: where the Varnish server is V.IP.B and database DB.B

When you run your consumer, it will use default siteaccess which is setup for Varnish host V.IP.A A message from the siteaccess B is dispatched, it will be handle by the only consumer you ran connected in-memory to siteaccess A Therefore in this situation V.IP.B won't never be purged.

To handle those situations you can run and setup different consumers and transports and play with eZ Accelerator / Messsenger config.


  • All default config bin/console messenger:consume
  • SiteAccess A bin/console messenger:consume --siteaccess=A

But you can also specify the bus and the receiver

  • bin/console messenger:consume ezaccelerator --siteaccess=A --bus=something



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