No framework at all!

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No framework at all!

Quick start

$ make setup

To start Docker container:

$ docker-compose up -d

To run the built-in PHP server:

$ make serve

To run the built-in PHP server in a Docker container:

$ make DOCKER_OPTS="-p 8080:8080" docker serve

You should have the app running on localhost, port 8080.

Clean up when you are done:

$ make clean

Recommended development environment

Make sure the following are installed:


No framework uses the following components:

What else?

Docker for development and a production ready Docker image are included. For simplicity, they are both PHP+Apache based images, in production PHP-FPM and Nginx are recommended.

Worth mentioning that 100% of any building, caching happens only at container build time, no issues like this.

Materialize CSS is used as the frontend framework.

PHP 7.1, because it's 2017 (and not 2007).


This skeleton is heavily inspired by @Swader's nofw and his The framework is dead, long live the framework workshop presented at the Web Summer Camp in 2016.

Phil Sturgeon also has an interesting article about the topic.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.