Symfony bundle for backup your database data

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Add "nkt/backup-bundle": "1.0.x-dev" into composer.json.

Add Nkt\BackupBundle\NktBackupBundle into your kernel bundles.

Now you can add new cron job, for backup your application:

0 */6 * * * /path/to/app/console doctrine:database:backup --gzip=-9

You can also restore any backup using

/path/to/app/console doctrine:database:restore /path/to/app/backup/backupname.sql.gz

Backup options

Backup filename contains driver name, database name and date. You can change date pattern (by default Y-m-d-H-i-s) using --date-pattern option.

If you using multiply connections, specify it using --connection option or -c flag.

By default all backups saves into path/to/app/backups, you can change it using --destination option or -d flag.

As you can see in example, you can compress backups using --gzip option. This option required value, you have to specify compress quality.

Restore options

Restore command required filename by first argument. It also support change connection with --connection option or -c flag.

You don't have to specify gzipped file. Command checks does filename ends with .gz and decompress it.