Extra form components for Nette Framework.

v1.6.2 2016-07-12 11:15 UTC


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List of components:

  • OptionList - option control rendered as radio list
  • MultiOptionList - multiple option control rendered as checkbox list
  • DatePicker - date picker, represented by DateTime object
  • DateTimePicker - date & time picker, represented by DateTime object
  • Tyheahead - the best autocomplete for your forms
  • BS3InputMacros - input macros for Bootstrap 3 (adds some css classes)


The best way to install is using Composer:

$ composer require nextras/forms

For Date(Time)Picker we recommend use DateTime Picker for Bootstrap. See JS init script.


Initialization in your bootstrap.php:

use Nette\Forms\Container;
use Nextras\Forms\Controls;

Container::extensionMethod('addOptionList', function (Container $container, $name, $label = NULL, array $items = NULL) {
    return $container[$name] = new Controls\OptionList($label, $items);
Container::extensionMethod('addMultiOptionList', function (Container $container, $name, $label = NULL, array $items = NULL) {
    return $container[$name] = new Controls\MultiOptionList($label, $items);
Container::extensionMethod('addDatePicker', function (Container $container, $name, $label = NULL) {
    return $container[$name] = new Controls\DatePicker($label);
Container::extensionMethod('addDateTimePicker', function (Container $container, $name, $label = NULL) {
    return $container[$name] = new Controls\DateTimePicker($label);
Container::extensionMethod('addTypeahead', function(Container $container, $name, $label = NULL, $callback = NULL) {
    return $container[$name] = new Controls\Typeahead($label, $callback);

Register your Bootstrap 3 macros in config.neon:

        - Nextras\Forms\Bridges\Latte\Macros\BS3InputMacros

Render IListControls as you wish:

$form->addMultiOptionList('list1', 'Pick your interests', ['a', 'b', 'c'])
     ->addRule($form::FILLED, 'You must pick some interest.');

$form->addMultiOptionList('list2', 'Pick your interests', ['d', 'e', 'f'])
     ->addRule($form::LENGTH, 'You must pick just 1 or 2 interests.', array(1, 2));
{form example}
    <th>{label list1 /}</th>
    <td>{input list1}</td>
    <th>{label list2 /}</th>
    {foreach $form['list2']->items as $key => $label}
        {label list2:$key}
            {input list2:$key}