Form components for Nette Framework.

v2.0.4 2017-09-30 12:34 UTC


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List of components:

  • DatePicker - date picker, represented by DateTime object
  • DateTimePicker - date & time picker, represented by DateTime object
  • Tyheahead - the best autocomplete for your forms
  • BS3InputMacros - input macros for Bootstrap 3 (adds some css classes)
  • Bs3FormRenderer - renders forms quicky in Bootstrap 3 design
  • ComponentControl - form's control which contains Component interface and my have own template, receive signals & render snippets;


The best way to install is using Composer:

$ composer require nextras/forms

For Date(Time)Picker we recommend use DateTime Picker for Bootstrap. See JS init script.


Add in your config.neon:

    nextras.form: Nextras\Forms\Bridges\NetteDI\FormsExtension