Form bundle for using symfony forms with Contao CMS

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Netzmacht Contao Form Bundle

This bundle enables the power of Symfony forms in your Contao project.

The purpose if not (yet) to provide a fully replacement of Contao Core form handling but to enable you to use form configurations (form generator, data containers) in your application.


  • Enables the symfony form component in your application
  • Provides a FormGeneratorType to use form based on the backend
  • Provides a HtmlType to add plain html to a form
  • Provides a backend form theme
  • Adds option for the widget allowing to define class, fe_class, be_class css attributes

Form generator

If you want to use the form generator to configure your symfony forms - you can do it. This extension ships a FromGeneratorType.


// Symfony form generator, provided as service form.factory
$form = $formFactory->create(Netzmacht\ContaoFormBundle\Form\FormGeneratorType::class, null, ['formId' => 5]);

// That's all. Now you can use a symfon form having your form generator form fields.

DCA forms

If you want to create forms based on the data container arrays - you can do it. The extension ships a DcaFormType.


// Symfony form generator, provided as service form.factory
assert($dc instanceof Contao\DataContainer);
$form = $formFactory->create(
    ['dataContainer' => 'tl_content', 'fields' => ['text'], 'driver' => $dc]

Warning The support for dca forms is experimental and might have some unforseen issues. It's highly recommended to pass the data container driver as callbacks might need them. Following types are supported so far:

  • checkbox
  • password
  • radio
  • select
  • text
  • textarea

Backend form theme

This bundle also provides a form theme for the Contao backend. You can enable it in your twig template where the form is used:

{% form_theme form '@NetzmachtContaoForm/form/contao_backend.html.twig' %}
{{ form(form) }}

CSS attributes

Inside the form theme you can use additional classes to add specific styles, this is done by the contaoWidget option inside a FormType, there is a generic key class and context specific keys for frontend fe_class and backend be_class:

            'contaoWidget' => ['class' => 'generic-class', 'be_class' => 'clr w50', 'fe_class' => 'frontend-class'],

Input filtering

Be aware that the Contao input sanitizing is bypassed by default. If you need the data filtered, especially when using it in legacy context (f.e. Contao templates) you can filter the data by using the provided input filter Netzmacht\ContaoFormBundle\Filter\ContaoInputFilter which is provided as service netzmacht.contao_form.input_filter.

Upload handler

By default the uploaded file is available as UploadedFile instance in the form data. If you want to apply the configured setting form the form field, you might use the Netzmacht\ContaoFormBundle\Form\FormGenerator\UploadHandler class provided as service netzmacht.contao_form.form_generator.upload_handler.


  • Support popular 3rd party form fields

Known limitations

  • Unsupported form fields are just ignored (form generator)
  • Submit buttons with images are not supported.